Proper care of your sex doll

As premium sex doll suppliers, we deliver lifelike sex dolls in all versions.

As premium sex doll suppliers, we deliver lifelike sex dolls in all versions. No matter if you are looking for cheap mini sex dolls or if you want to call a delicate lady your own, with us you will find a fine selection for realistic sex dolls at fair prices. Our quality offers are modeled after a real young woman. Not only their weight, but also the softness of the material and the velvety skin reminds of a real person. Her beautiful mouth with the flattering lips and her deep throat invites you to an unforgettable fellatio in perfect "French".

Proper care of your sex doll is something that extends their lifespan for many years, keeping her clean, sexy, and fresh. Cleaning your adult doll after use is a very easy process and can be completed within few minutesm if you are equipped with right tools. Here are some tools that is suggested and how you can use them to keep your doll clean. A vaginal irrigator is a perfect tool for washing your doll after use. For using it, you simply have to fill it with soap and water then use it to clean and flush out your doll’s vagina. To get better results, use it immediately after you have finished having sex with original silicone sex dolls.

Our trained service team can comprehensively advise you in all matters concerning selection, individual design, equipment, material and care. As a reputable specialist dealer, we offer you a comprehensive consultation and workshop service. The beautiful facial features, the soft breasts and many other details let these real dolls play in their own league. With selectable skin, hair and eye colors, they are a must for lovers of high quality luxury real sex dolls for men.

For cleaning properly you can use luffa on a stick. This will permit you to scrub inside of your doll’s anus, vagina, and mouth gently. This scrubbing will clean your doll from any residue left after having sex. A removable handheld shower is a great option for sex doll owners as they can clean their doll conveniently. The handheld shower head permits owners to position the stream of water for cleaning their sex dolls after use. With appropriate pressure, you will able to flush out the residues from your doll within seconds.

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